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Destiny 2 Shaders Controversy Clarified By Luke Smith, Players Should Be Flushed With Shaders

Destiny 2 shaders are now consumables, as in they can only be used once and then you will need to get more. This has pissed off some players and this is one of the changes in Destiny 2 that people have not appreciated. Luke Smith has talked about the Destiny 2 shaders in an attempt to clarify why Bungie has made this change.

There are microtransactions in the game and Destiny 2 shaders are also tied to them as many of the premium Destiny 2 shaders can be gained using Bright Engrams. While players have more customization options now, there is a catch. Once you have used the shader you will need to get another one to use it again if you want to revert back or any other case.

Destiny 2 shaders are a little more than colors, they can add effects like textures and chrome effects for example. So you can imagine why people are making a big fuss about it. Furthermore, you can earn loot boxes by leveling up and with real money. That is where the microtransactions come in.

While these will not give players an advantage over one another, it is something you expect to get free. Luke Smith took to Twitter in order to talk about the Destiny 2 shaders controversy and this is what he had to say:

Shaders are earned through gameplay: leveling, chests, engrams, vendors. We expect you’ll be flush w/ Shaders as you continue to play. When you reach level 20, Shaders will drop more often: vendor rewards, destination play and endgame activities. Shaders are now an ongoing reward for playing. Customization will inspire gameplay. Each planet has unique armor and Shader rewards.

It seems that Destiny 2 shaders are an incentive for players to play more of the game. Either that or you can use real money in order to buy them if you are not willing to clock the hours needed in order to get them. Reaching level 20 will increase the likelihood of getting more shaders. It all comes down to how many hours you are willing to clock in the game.

Destiny 2 is a massive game with loads of content so I do not think getting to level 20 will be too hard. After you have reached that level you should have plenty of content left as well. Plus there are major expansions for the game that are going to come out later on. Smith further mentioned:

With D2, we want statements like “I want to run the Raid, Trials, or go back to Titan to get more of its Shader” to be possible.

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