Destiny 2 Key To The Network Adventure Guide – Gatekeeper Boss Tips, How To Complete

Destiny 2 Key To The Network Adventure Guide will guide you through the entire adventure which tasks players to find a way to get into the Vex network and will help you with Gatekeeper boss battle.

Adventures has small self-contained missions which are good for grinding for gear and each of them has a special reward. Each adventure is independent of one another. In Destiny 2 Key To The Network Adventure, players will have to navigate through The Hallows Sector to complete the adventure.

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Destiny 2 Key To The Network Adventure Guide

Destiny 2 Key To The Network Adventure Guide will detail all there is to know for completing this adventure and defeating the Gatekeeper and the Mainframe Cyclops.

Destiny 2 Key To The Network Adventure

Reward: Rare Gear

The adventure will begin in The Hallows Sector on Nessus and campaign mission Six is required to be completed to access this adventure. As Key To The Network Adventure begins, move to the small upper ledge underground with some enemies nearby, place the first beacon here.

After that turn and move along the perimeter of this particular sector towards a second upper ledge entangled in the branches of a tree and scan this area and jump across to the block pillar overlooking the arena with a Hydra on it, and scan it. Also, combat in this section is optional.

Now, get on your Sparrow and travel to the Watcher’s Grave and as you reach there clear the cluster of Goblins and Minotaur to your left and head inside the shallow cave under the main circular arena. You will have to battle more enemies along the way but, these shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Activate the access point, and a white column stretches out from it. Now head back to where you first encountered the Vex in this sector and a Vex portal and a platform will have appeared there. Jump on the platform and launch through the portal to a floating platform. Now, let failsafe hook up with the cube and there will be a turquoise Mainframe Globe inside it.

There will be five floating cubes with conflux matter around them, shoot them instead of jumping on them and a second conduit will appear on the arena floor below you. Go there and stabilize the area. More cubes will appear along with the remaining confluxes.

Just stand close to every conflux and shoot all of the Cubes along with any enemy that pops up. Once the area is stable the Gatekeeper, an Elite Minotaur, will appear along with Harpies and Goblins. However, each time his health drops to a third more of the lesser foes will appear and Gatekeeper will transport to another location.

In the last phase of the battle, Gatekeeper grows in size and it is time for you to unleash everything at it, your super, grenades, and rockets. Once the Gatekeeper is down, rescue Failsafe by entering the Chamber of Water through the circular Vex portal.

Make your way through the entrance tunnel and start stabilizing the area like you did previously. Get to each of Confluxes and kill any enemy that comes in your way. Failsafe will be guarded by a Mainframe Cyclops. Mainframe Cyclops is like a stationary Hydra but, has a vicious energy blast.

As you reduce one-third of its health, it summons a number of cubes to hide behind. Shoot them and these cubes will explode killing the Mainframe Cyclops in the process. Release Failsafe and teleport out as the Adventure concludes.

That is all for our Destiny 2 Key To The Network Adventure Guide with tips on how to defeat the Gatekeeper and Mainframe Cyclops.