Destiny 2 Assault Of Black Adventure Guide – The Captain Boss Tips, How To Complete

Destiny 2 Assault Of Black Adventure Guide will help you with the adventure on Nessus as players will be tasked to investigate the Fallen activity in the Exodus Black sector.

Adventures has small self-contained missions which are good for grinding for gear and each of them has a special reward. Each adventure is independent of one another. in Destiny 2 Assault Of Black Adventure, players will go into the Exodus Black Sector to investigate the Fallen activity.

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Destiny 2 Assault Of Black Adventure Guide

Destiny 2 Assault Of Black Adventure will detail all there is to complete the adventure and defeat The Captian in the end.

Destiny 2 Assault Of Black Adventure

Reward: Rare Gear

This adventure will take place in Exodus Black and campaign mission Six is required to be completed first. As the adventure begins, take care of the group of Fallen to your right. Once they are done, use your Sparrow and jet across to the Exodus Black entrance area.

Along the way, you will face more Fallen, deal with them and shoot the central mechanical components of the barrier until it explodes and follow the Fallen signal. Drive the Sparrow across the sector through a Fallen base and the sunken tunnel entrance on the northeast side which is guarded by the Shanks.

Enter the tunnel and you can either engage or ignore the Vex inside the tunnel and enter the Vex portal on the upper ledge. The portal will take you to the Chamber Of Sky, continue into this arena and fight your way through Dregs and a Servitor. Elite Servitor should be your priority target that will be powering the huge energy barrier preventing your progress.

The fight will be tough as Vandals and Exploder Shanks will be constantly coming at you. Back up to the entrance and kill them so you won’t take damage from the explosions and get back in to finish off the Elite Servitor. The Elite Servitor will drop its core, pick it up and place the orb inside, deactivating the shield generator.

As the chamber opens, you will have two generators to deactivate in exactly the same way but, the situation will be chaotic as you have to deal with two Servitors, several Dregs, Vandals, and Exploder Shanks. Take out Shanks first and they divert your attention to others.

Once the lesser foes are done focus your attention on one of the Servitors and once the coast is clear, pick up the cores one at a time and insert them into the highlighted areas to disable the barrier.

The fight is not done yet, reach the far end of the chamber and engage the Boss Captain. The Captain will be invulnerable because of the Servitor, so naturally, take out the Servitor and attack the Captain. However, as the third of its health is gone another Servitor will pop up to make it invulnerable. Just the repeat the strategy and The Captian will fall and the adventure completes.

That is all for our Destiny 2 Assault Of Black Adventure Guide with tips on how to disable barriers and defeat The Captain.