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Bethesda Creation Club Mods Are And Will Be Free, “Just Trying Out New Things”

There has been a lot of confusion regarding the Bethesda Creation Club. First, we thought the mods were free then they were just mini-DLCs and now they are free again. What is going on? Hines talked about Bethesda Creation Club and said that the company has been supporting modding since 2002 and that the company is just trying out new things.

Hines realizes that people are upset but he insisted that the mods are free and that the people can do what they want and go crazy on Nexus. Hines also stressed that people are having no problem finding mods on Nexus and that there is no shortage. So people can be free in their modding.

Hines also talked about the fact that the mods are free because the people that are creating these mods are working with Bethesda which means that it is a job and the risk is minimized. Modders are getting paid no matter how many people download the mods so that does not affect modding.
Here is what he had to say:

“We have been supporting mods and making the mod community grow and be viable since 2002. We’re going to continue to try and do new things. That’s it. We’re gonna continue to try new stuff and see what works and see what doesn’t. We tried paid mods—it didn’t work. Allowing people to pay for the mods and have them be that long and all the stuff, all the problems, we said: okay, we’re not going to do paid mods.”

We will have to wait and see how people react to this statement but for now, it is good to know something regarding what is happening. You can check out the complete interview in the video below:

In other news regarding Bethesda, Quake Champions will be optimized for AMD Ryzen and Vega. Let us know what you think about the Bethesda Creation Club.