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South Korean League of Legends Fans Tell Team SoloMid to Boot Camp Elsewhere

It is a tradition with western teams to move to South Korea a few weeks earlier than the annual League of Legends World Championship for extensive practice. This year, however, the country hailed for its esports talent is not too keen to host a certain foreign team.

Having won the North American League Championship Series (NA LCS) Summer Split, Team SoloMid is now packing its bags to boot camp in South Korea. The local community is not too thrilled about the idea and has shunned the storied esports organization to abandon all hope for a warm welcome.

A recent article on Inven Global mentions the backlash that was recently displayed. “Don’t come here TSM – we still remember when you leaked scrims and acted like you did nothing wrong,” and “TSM tried to get better Worlds results through boot camp, but ended up creating a mess. I hope they don’t come this year; they didn’t make it far in the tournament last year anyway” are only a few among many negative comments.

It is only Team SoloMid that the South Korean fans are not willing to accept. Every other team is being heartily invited to boot camp for the 2017 League of Legends World Championship.

The anger stems from last year when footage from scrims between SK Telecom T1 and Team SoloMid were leaked online, exposing compositions and strategies for both. In addition, the then performance coach Weldon Green blamed the local scene for a shrewd tactic of matching western teams with just low-ranked South Korean teams during the boot camps. Team SoloMid also disrespected Samsung Galaxy during the Group Stages by walking off after a loss without shaking hands.

Team SoloMid has since then apologized for the incidents but it seems like the South Korean fans are not going to let it go.