Nintendo Switch OS 3.0.2 Is Now Available, Adds Stability, Online Access For Some

Nintendo Switch OS 3.0.2 is now available for players to download, and not only does it add in more stability to the console, it has also adde in access to its online service for owners that live in nearly every South American country, at least until the paywall for the service comes up.

The Nintendo online service is a novel thing for Nintendo, as it will be similar to the Xbox Live and Playstation online services that Microsoft and Sony already have put out for their consoles for years. Nintendo previously promised that the service would come up for six months before they actually get the thing running, and even when the paywall comes up in 2018 it won’t put much of a dent in your wallet.

The online service will allow a better way for Nintendo gamers to play together, though if you already do that you’ll still likely be chafing at the fact that Nintendo hasn’t implemented a satisfactory voice chat solution.

Aside from the update about online access being given to South American gamers (specifically in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Peru), the Nintendo Switch OS 3.0.2 update also brings in various stability updates to help improve the user experience. Otherwise, there’s not really that much in the update, at least nothing that’s very significant.

Hopefully the fact that Nintendo is starting to roll out the new online component with Nintendo Switch OS 3.0.2 means that we’ll also soon be getting the service in other regions, along with hopefully more news about the Virtual Console, which has been absent from the Switch for a good while now.

The Virtual Console, which allows Nintendo platform owners to buy and play older Nintendo games on a variety of systems, isn’t included on the Switch, and Nintendo has been sketchy on the details of when it will actually come in.