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New Resident Evil 7 DLC Starring Chris Might Be Free According to Leak

A recent leak has indicated that a new Resident Evil 7 DLC, called “Not A Hero“, will be free when it comes out this December along with at least one other DLC pack. “Not A Hero” stars Chris Redfield, who made a surprise appearance at the end of the game.

Along with Chris Redfield’s own DLC, another DLC will be coming out called “End of Zoe”, which will apparently wrap up the story of the last sane member of the Baker family. Near the end of the game Ethan had the opportunity to use the last remaining vial of curative serum on either his wife Mia or Zoe, and if Zoe wasn’t given the serum she disappeared from the story.

However, while the Chris Redfield DLC might be free, the other new Resident Evil 7 DLC won’t be. End of Zoe will cost 1500 yen, which in American dollars is around $14. However, it’ll be a small price to pay to wrap up two of the biggest plot threads that were left hanging in the original game.

For instance: Why is Chris Redfield suddenly working with Umbrella, or at least something that appears to be Umbrella? What happens to Zoe, regardless of what ending you get in the game? And is this all that we’ll see of Umbrella, or whoever else made that serum and created Evelyn?

The new Resident Evil 7 DLC will be joining the multiple other DLC packs that have come out ever since the game released late last year, and while some of those have just been amusing side-games such as celebrating Jack Baker’s 55th birthday or playing a sadistic game of poker with Lucas Baker, some of them, such as the Daughters DLC that shows how Evelyn twisted the formerly kindly Bakers into monsters, are story-relevant.

The new Resident Evil 7 DLCs will both be available at the same date, December 14.