More Buffs Planned for Ornn With Next League of Legends Patch

Ornn is faring much better in League of Legends but there is still room for further improvements before Riot Games is satisfied.

The champion released last month to abysmal win-rate and play-rate percentages. It had less to do with a skill ceiling and more to do with his underwhelming numbers. The developer was forced to jump in with an emergency mid-patch update that improved his base statistics as well as the cooldown for his ultimate ability.

Posting on the official forums, lead gameplay designer Andrei “Meddler” van Roon announced that Ornn is slated to receive some changes to his passive ability (Living Forge & Master Craftsman) in the next patch. This will include a minimum level before he can upgrade weapons and the addition of a new item or two.

In addition, Ornn will receive “a bit of extra power in some other regards too” that might perhaps make him overwhelming. Riot Games will continue to monitor the champion. Thanks to the recent changes, a lot of players have begun finding success with Ornn.

Ornn will be disabled during the upcoming 2017 League of Legends World Championship. There is not enough time to make sure that he is perfectly balanced and without any game-breaking issues, such as the one where the game was crashing for everyone if Mordekaiser killed Ornn with his ultimate ability. Imagine such a bug taking place at the most important stage of the year.

Elsewhere, the developer reminded everyone that numbers previewed so far for the Runes Reforged program are subject to change. A final announcement will be made later in the year and players are advised to start planning their runes of choice then.