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Destiny 2 Fury Walkthrough Guide – Giant’s Scar, Warmind Vault, How To Defeat Modular Upsilon

Destiny 2 Fury Walkthrough Guide will help you with the entire mission as players will be required to raise a drill and will face Modular Upsilon that is one of the most dangerous bosses in Destiny 2 that players will face.

In Fury, players will have to enter a mining facility on Giant’s Scar as Taken and Vex are trying to find the Warmind Vault. Players will face Modular Upsilon, a fierce Taken boss, defeating it is a stuff of nightmares, and this is where Destiny 2 Fury Walkthrough Guide comes in.

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Destiny 2 Fury Walkthrough Guide

Destiny 2 Fury Walkthrough Guide will detail everything that players need to know to complete the mission and defeat the Modular Upsilon.

Destiny 2 Fury Walkthrough

Giant’s Scar

Mining Base
Super: Optional; Grenades: Recommended

Make your way to the Giant’s Scar sector and here you will find a small group of Taken fighting the Vex to secure the entrance to the base. You do not necessarily need to jump right in, let them finish first and then kill the rest. Here you will Laos face a Taken Centurion along with Psions. Once you are done with them, there will be two Vex clusters coming your way.

Kill them all and head up the ramp and then enter the Base. Go right from the entrance and head up the interior ramp and to the window overlooking the mining drill.

Mining Drill
Super: Recommended; Grenades: Recommended

As you get to the mining drill more Vex will come at you once they are done push through the large doorway that will take you to a storage chamber but be careful, as there will be a sniper in this area. Kill the sniper and the advancing enemies. Once they are done interact with the orange colored computer terminal and power it on. Make your way out through the exit which is to the right and down from the terminal and go across the edge of the large exterior site and up the arched entrance and then to the Excavation Site II.

Excavation Site II

Storage Rooms
Super: Optional; Grenades: Optional

Make your way down the rocky tunnel and go inside the bunker and you will go to the storage room with a large black cylinder tower in the far left corner. Here you will face a small group of Taken, make quick work of them. With the room secured, leave via the orange ramped corridor and up to the warping Taken Phalanx.

Try to eliminate it before it can bring out its shield and head to the subsequent chamber. In the next chamber, you will face a few more Taken. Drop them all one by one.

Override Terminal Room
Super: Recommended; Grenades: Recommended

Make your way up through another orange tunnel and the get inside the Terminal Room. Kill all the Taken in the vicinity before interacting with the terminal, however, this is not going to be an easy fight so be prepared and shotguns are recommended in this area since you will be in the close range if your foes.

Keep killing them until none remain and then access the Terminal to the override the drill controls. Turn right from here, run along the narrow orange corridor, and drop down. You will enter in a new storage area and there will be a Taken Wizard here but it will be preoccupied, so take this opportunity and drop it quickly.

After cleaning up the floor, enter the storage room with L-shaped thoroughfare and here you will encounter more of the Taken. With them taken care of head up to the drill site on the surface.

Drill Site
Super: Optional; Grenades: Optional

As you reach the surface, the drill will be active and Vex will be roaming the area. You can choose not to engage with them and locate the Drill Control Cabin to the opposite side of the drill site as you emerge to the surface. Here you will be greeted by Vex and the enemies will not be that tough. With them out of the way access the drill control terminal and lift the drill.

More Vex will appear on the dirt road below the cabin. Engage them or ignore them it is up to you. It will be good to avoid as Taken are also coming and engaging the Vex will unnecessarily prolong the fight. Head to the hole from where the Drill was raised, stop at the edge, and jump to the upper side tunnel with metal surrounding it as dropping straight down will kill you.

Warmind Vault JYS-2

Vault Infiltration
Super: Optional; Grenades: Optional

Make your way the narrow tunnel that will take you the initial vault chamber. The area will be filled with the Taken, with them out of the way head down to the sunken center of the Chamber and access the mainframe and prepare for a massive fight.

How to Defeat Modular Upsilon
Super: Recommended; Grenades: Recommended

A giant Taken steps out of the rift called “Modular Upsilon” and this is an extremely difficult foe. Modular Upsilon fires flaming bolts in a rapid succession and they are highly damaging and even one of them has the potential to kill you and if you get too close a foot stomp will launch you backward and it can get invisible.

Target its general body if you cannot hit its eye because of the lesser foes in the area. Here is where the battle gets tricky as Modular Upsilon will get invincibility from a sub-boss Modular Sigma. Therefore, you will have to focus on Modular Sigma for now.

Hit Modular Sigma in the head and it will be temporarily destroyed and you can take this time to focus on Modular Upsilon’s eye. When Modular Sigma returns destroy its head as soon as possible as Modular Sigma will be alive as long as Modular Upsilon is.

You will have to exercise extreme patience, as there will be lesser foes in the area trying to stop you from hitting the Modular Sigma. The battle does not get easier and it is important to note that Modular Sigma only provides Modular Upsilon immunity from damage, not healing. Meaning the damage will be permanent.

So keep fighting the lesser foes and when you get the chance destroy Modular Sigma’s head and shoot Modular Upsilon. Grenade launcher, Sniper Rifle, and shotguns are recommended in this fight.

In addition, every time Modular Upsilon’s health drops to a third, the time to link with Modular Siga will become longer. Which will help you to easily tackle Sigma without worrying much about the Modular Upsilon. Grenades are your best option against Modular Sigma and use your Super as much as you can.

The battle will be long but follow these steps and with patience, the Modular Upsilon will fall and the mission will conclude.

That is all for our Destiny 2 Fury Walkthrough Guide with tips on how to beat the Modular Upsilon.