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Tekken 7 Hot-Fix for Resolution Bug Increases Wait Time From Rematch Declines

A surprise hot-fix has been rolled out for Tekken 7 that addresses a couple of unintended issues brought on by the recent patch update.

According to patch notes posted on the official website, the display resolution of the game was automatically changing once a player entered the Customization mode. The was resulting in a drop of frame-rate if the player then proceeded into battle. The hot-fix is designed to stop the resolution from changing while inside the mode.

Secondly, there were reported issues regarding the leaderboard system on Steam. Bandai Namco will be reverting it to a previous state before the implementation of the last patch. Players do not need to worry about any loss of statistics. The leaderboard will be updated after the hot-fix for accurate representation.

It is possible that patch 1.06 has undocumented changes. According to a recent thread on Reddit, many players are experiencing longer wait times after having their requests for a rematch declined. This was shortened in the last patch, and so it is being believed that the hot-fix reverted the wait times to what they were back then. The developer is yet to acknowledge the complaint.

Elsewhere, Tekken 7 is confirmed to receive a new trailer at Tokyo Game Show (TGS 2017) later this month. It could be more footage to hype the release of Geese Howard. If we are very lucky, the developer might take the stage to announce a new character instead.