New Trailer Shows Off Middle-earth: Shadow Of War Dark Tribe

A new trailer has shown off the Middle-earth: Shadow of War Dark tribe, a tribe of orcs that players will be battling in the game that focus on stealth and assassinations. This is the fourth tribe of orcs that’s been revealed for the game, alongside the Machines, Terrors, and Marauders.

Each of the different tribes of orcs that Talion comes into contact with will specialize in something different, such as the Terror Tribe being more brutal in combat, the Mystic tribe having more skill with magic, the Machine Tribe making more weapons, and of course the Shadow of War Dark tribe having more stealth options.

Each of the different tribes, in addition to different architectural styles and different effects on the world (such as the weather or the color of the sky), will have different combat methods, so it seems like the Dark Tribe will be able to keep Talion on his toes unless he wants to be assassinated.

Each of these tribes, as Talion brings more of them into the fold, will also help him get better options to upgrade his army and allow him to besiege the various fortresses around Mordor in different ways. While we don’t know what the Dark Tribe might be, we can only guess that it will be something spectacular.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War still has a while to go before it releases because of its delay until October 10, but in the meantime we’ve got a bunch of other tribes to go through with other trailers so that we can learn how to kill or mind-control them.

To see more about the Shadow of War Dark tribe, players can look up at the trailer above. Middle-earth: Shadow of War will be coming out on October 10 of this year for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.