Injustice 2 Patch Adds New Legendary Gear Tier, Shaders, and Balance Changes

Injustice 2 has received a brand new patch for the month, stuffed with a long list of balance changes across the roster and a surprising addition.

It is worth noting that the well-received second installment in the series has only featured three tiers of gear since it launched earlier this year. In addition to Common, Rare, and Epic, NetherRealm Studios has now added “Legendary” as the highest quality of gear that can be collected.

It features a red banner but is currently awaiting more details from the developer. Since the next downloadable character is scheduled to arrive next week, it is possible that the new gear will be made available then.

Two new shaders have arrived for every character in the game. The inventory management system has also been bettered. Players can filter gear by rarity, favorite, and other different attributes. Gear obtained through mother boxes can now be directly equipped from the same screen. The preview animation of skins and characters has been fixed for certain characters. Audio issues related to several attacks have been corrected.

As for the multiverse, towers in character-specific miniverses now award Epic Gear for that character in every tower. The last tower has been adjusted to award a Diamond box rather than a Gold box, and Epic Gear.

Starfire and Sub-Zero, two recent additions to the roster, have received the most changes. The alien princess sees slight reduction in base damage and fixes to a few visual bugs. The guest character from the Mortal Kombat franchise has had his hit-box adjusted and a rare bug squashed.

The complete patch notes for Injustice 2 can be read here.