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Final Fantasy 15 Modding Is Dependent On The Good Behavior Of Modders

Hajime Tabata, the director of Final Fantasy 15, has said that even though the game is now being ported over to the PC, that the Final Fantasy 15 modding community needs to be careful of how far they go lest the game’s Workshop section be taken away for being too X-rated.

Tabata said that the final decision for that would be left up to the CEO of Square Enix, Yosuke Matsuda. However, in order to avoid that decision, Final Fantasy 15 modders are going to have to watch what they post on the game’s workshop page.

Final Fantasy 15 was originally given a Workshop page so that fans on the PC could really exercise their creativity regarding the game, even though this would mean things like nude mods could be posted. However, the stipulation that the workshop will be taken down if things get too raunchy will hopefully rein the modders in a bit. Considering that when Bayonetta got to the PC nude mods were quickly in place for her, it’s a wise precaution.

Tabata’s comments bring to mind the original interview where he announced that the Final Fantasy 15 PC port would have modding support, where while he was bothered slightly about the possibility of nude mods, he was asking players to use their moral judgement when making mods for the game. With the new stipulation of Final Fantasy 15 modding support getting taken away if things get too out of hand, that should be a lot easier.

However, this is the internet that we’re talking about. With the general free rein that modding gives players, there’s always the possibility that a bunch of idiots will want to test Square Enix and see if they’ll actually take away the ability to mod Final Fantasy 15.

The Final Fantasy 15 PC version doesn’t have a confirmed release date yet beyond sometime in 2018, so until that comes around Square Enix will have ample opportunities to engage the Final Fantasy 15 modding community on what is and isn’t acceptable.