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Druid Loses “Explosive Start” With Nerfed Innervate in Hearthstone

The playable Druid class of Hearthstone has been dominating the meta for nearly a month now, following the release of Knights of the Frozen Throne. The community has naturally been calling out for balance changes and Blizzard is finally ready to deliver just that. However, the Druid is not alone in the new round of nerfs.

Posting on the official forums, the developer stated that every powerful variation of Druid utilizes Innervate for a massive advantage in the early rounds. The basic card is being changed to grant just one mana crystal instead of two.

“We kept in mind that cards like Counterfeit Coin were strong in combination with other support cards, such as Gadgetzan Auctioneer, Edwin VanCleef, and Combo cards,” the developer explained. “With the right support cards for Innervate, it may end up still seeing play, but won’t be in every deck—which is ultimately what we’re aiming for with this change.”

Spreading Plague, one of the new cards from the latest expansion pack and a great defensive option for Druid against aggressive decks, has also been changed. Blizzard has increased its mana by an additional crystal to cost six instead of five.

In addition to Druid, there are upcoming changes for basic cards from Warrior and Shaman as well. The former is having the mana cost of Fiery War Axe increased to three mana crystals. The latter is following a similar route by making Hex a four-mana spell, and stripping Murloc Warleader off its health buff for other Murlocs.

The new balance update should release for Hearthstone by the end of the week. The changes are absolutely massive and are likely to have a dire impact on the ranked ladders and competitive metas.