As Expected, Destiny 2 Servers Are Overloaded So You Might Need Some Patience

The most awaited game of the year Destiny 2, is suffering from queuing issues while logging in to the servers. Bungie tweeted that because of the massive demand for the game this was expected. Players are facing this issue right from the start as when they’re trying to log in, they’re getting this message “Destiny 2 is temporarily at capacity. You will join the game in the order in which you are connected.” Gamers are complaining and showing aggression as a reaction to the hurdle faced while trying to play the game.

Bungie stated that this server load was expected and they tweeted a reminder about it, saying players may encounter a sign on queue when logging in to Destiny 2. This shows the overwhelming response Destiny 2 has received, from the number of players logging in simultaneously.

Some of the highly reacted Facebook comments on Destiny FB page were complains saying they paid 100 bucks for the game not to wait, some even said that this was unbelievable they had to wait for the game so long and they’ll have to wait some more now. Some people are aggravated from the queue and capacity message.

The same problem occurs sometimes while playing Overwatch by Blizzard entertainment. Whenever they launch a new season DLC there’s an overwhelming amount of load where people log in simultaneously and cause a full capacity followed by queuing.

Overwatch usually handles this issue well by mentioning the “how many players left in queue” while people wait. Given how many people are trying to play Destiny 2 we’re wishful that all of our fellow Guardians will be able to play Destiny 2 soon and fight for their Light.

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