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The Destiny 2 Launch May Bring Server Queues And Other Issues, Says Bungie

Bungie has gone on record saying that when the Destiny 2 launch happens, players may have to deal with server queues and being unable to play the game due to the rapid influx of new players overwhelming the game’s servers. While this is nothing new, it will hopefully stop player complaints.

Considering how anticipated Destiny 2 is, with the game’s beta and its pre-order numbers both surpassing the original Destiny, the warning is fairly needed. With so many players wanting to buy the game immediately and jump in, Destiny servers are going to be put under enormous strain.

This strain can cause various connectivity errors that could keep you from playing, something that the original Destiny had a lot of problems with. Similar to Destiny, Ubisoft’s own looter shooter The Division had this problem on launch days.

In The Division, new players had to actually form lines in order to access the first mission, leading to a line of players outside of the first office. This was not helped by the addition of player collision, meaning that trolls could just block the doorway and prevent many people from getting in.

Hopefully, since the Destiny 2 launch is being rolled out in stages across the world, the various Destiny servers will be able to cope with this sort of strain. But then again that depends on the amount of players that are trying to login to the game at the same time.

However, with everything that Bungie has improved in this game over the original game, hopefully the Destiny 2 launch will be a herald to what the original Destiny could have been, and should have been. With all of the single player content promised, not to mention everything that will likely be coming with the expansions, the Destiny 2 launch has a lot of promise, so long as the servers hold up.