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Destiny 2 Clan Features Won’t be Available for Unannounced Period

As Destiny 2’s release is getting closer, announcements to clarify things about its launch are getting more abundant. Today we learned from Bungie’s Twitter that the Destiny 2 Clan Features will not be available at launch and will be added after several days of launch. As we see from Bungie’s official website, Clan Features include:

  • Clan Banner: Assist your clan to unlock exclusive Clan Banner perks for your character.
  • Clan Rewards: When clan mates earn end game rewards, you do as well.
  • Guided Games: Host other players as a Clan Guide via Guided Games.
  • Chat and Forum: Stay in touch with your clan mates by downloading the companion app on your mobile device.

Guilded Games, which is a part of Destiny 2 Clan Features, will not be available till much later after release so that players will be accustomed to the game and the queues are stable. As Bungie states:

For Guided Games to have a successful launch, we need time for enough players to form into real Clans and be ready to guide other Guardians. If there are too many solo Seekers and not enough Clan Guides, the queues for matching will be quite long. Therefore, we’re going to roll out Guided Games as a limited-access ‘soft beta’, where only a select number of solo players will be able to use Guided Games for the Nightfall on 9/12.”

As it was expected Bungie asked of Destiny 1 Clan Founders to gather their forces for Destiny 2. Already created clans in Destiny 1 will be put on Groups and from then on the founder will need to convert it to a new clan and start fighting. More information about new and old clans on Destiny 2 can be found on Bungie’s website.

Destiny 2 will be released on September 6 for the Xbox One and Playstation 4, and on October 24 for the PC. Destiny on PC will be available through the Blizzard App.