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Say Goodbye to the Level 30 Cap in League of Legends

The upcoming pre-season will feature more than just a rework to runes in League of Legends. In addition to overhauling the currency system by merging Influence Points (IP) with Blue Essence, the developer has decided to adjust the leveling aspect as well.

Posting on the official forums, the developer stated that it is removing the level cap of 30 from League of Legends. Every time a player reaches a new level, the system will offer a capsule as a reward. This will be filled with champion shards and Blue Essence. The developer has refrained from mentioning exact amounts because the rewards from capsules will scale with levels. Hence, higher levels will contain more and may even drop gemstones or rare emotes.

Since its debut, leveling has been less than enjoyable in League of Legends. The only reason to hit the cap was to be able to jump into ranked games, an aspect which will remain intact with the new system. Now, though, players can look forward to a more rewarding progression.

League of Legends is not the first game to opt for such a leveling model. Both Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch have been using it for quite some time, and the feedback has been great. This is also not the first time that Riot Games has taken a page out of Blizzard. A few months back, the developer announced a new honor system for the game that is basically a replica of the one used by Overwatch.