Rainbow Six Siege Operation Blood Orchid Released, Features New Map, Three New Characters, And Technical Improvements

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Blood Orchid is a week late but now that it is out there are plenty of things that it has to offer. There is a new map, three new characters and there are some improvements applied to the game as well. Rainbow Six Siege Operation Blood Orchid was delayed because Ubisoft wanted to improve the base game.

The new map in Rainbow Six Siege Operation Blood Orchid is based in an abandoned Hong Kong theme park. A couple of improvements have been made to the game and these include faster loading times and hit registrations. Something that everyone can appreciate.

The new characters in Rainbow Six Siege Operation Blood Orchid are Lesion and Ying, who are locals and then there is Ela who is a Polish visitor. Ying carries flash grenades that can be thrown or stuck to a surface. Lesion has toxic mines that throw needles that slow the enemy till they are removed. Ela has mines that do blast damage.

If you have the season pass then you can check out these characters today, if not then you will have to wait till the 12th and unlock these characters separately. Here is what Ubisoft had to say:

Over Season 3, we will be testing fixes and improvements that will aim to address Hit Registration issues and poor network conditions. We are currently testing something we’re calling Latency Alignment, which will make 1v1 encounters feel more consistent. The result should be that the server will more accurately mirror the reaction time of players with unstable connections, giving a fairer reaction time to their opponents.

Rainbow Six Siege has come a long way and it is interesting to see that the developers are still working on new content for the game. The content might be late but there is still something to do in the game due to updates.

Let us know what you think about Rainbow Six Siege Operation Blood Orchid.