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“Predictable Recoil Patterns” Planned Down the Line for Rainbow Six Siege

For a tactical team-based competitive shooter like Rainbow Six Siege, randomly generating aspects are never appreciated by majority of players. In that light, Ubisoft is working on an update that will adjust the manner in which weapons are handled in the game for greater control.

While hosting a panel at PAX West over the weekend, the developer announced that it will be removing random recoil from Rainbow Six Siege in the future. It will be replaced with “predictable recoil patterns” for all weapons that may prove harder to handle in the beginning, but should be locked down to muscle memory by regular players.

It goes without saying that shooting in Rainbow Six Siege will rely on more skill and diminish positive returns from spray-and-pray moments. At the same time, those who master their weapons will undoubtedly enjoy greater accuracy.

Players are likely to start comparing the new upcoming shooting mechanics to the likes of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, without any further details from Ubisoft it is unknown as to how deep the recoil management will go in Rainbow Six Siege. The changes are slated for release further down the line and will not be part of the third season.

Operation Blood Orchid arrives today as one of the biggest updates for Rainbow Six Siege in terms of content, balance changes, optimizations, fixes, and more. For the first time in its history, three operators will join the official roster instead of just two. In addition, the update brings the efforts of Operation Health to fruition.