LawBreakers Low Player Base Analysis And Suggestions

LawBreakers is currently struggling to even cross a 400 concurrent player record on steam. With a 24 hour peak of 354 players and with a monthly average of 667 players for last 30 days. The game is an arena shooter with gravity defying gameplay and lots of stunt animations.

The game was very well marketed and reviewed all over, with many people praising LawBreakers at launch. The studio originally planned to make the game Free to play, but they changed the plan since you are at a risk of upsetting the people who pre-ordered this game.

Something needs to be done by the Boss Key team to recharge this detailed project even though the FPS online market is dominated by unique shooters, each having a strong USP. There were performance issues in the start but were fixed in a later patch.

Boss Key studio is run by the team behind Gears of War and there’s a lot of potential in the game with its unique set of abilities and gravity defying combat. The battles are like those in arena shooter games such as Quake or Unreal Tournament. They’re different and they’re fun.

Like Blizzard’s team is working really well with Overwatch in terms of online stability, community feedback and free of cost DLCs. The team makes sure that its fan base is satisfied every month or two with a season of competitive gaming, arcade maps, new characters, skins or back story animation fillers.

There are so many ideas LawBreakers can feed in to their project with its unique multiplayer experience. If they really want to that is. The game has potential and it can stand out if supported properly by the dev teams. These steam charts for LawBreakers are temporary, they can change if they can pull out something like the FPS competition. They’ll definitely gain the player base they deserve.

Source: Destructoid