Here’s How You Explore Lost Sectors In Destiny 2’s New Open World

One of the biggest announcements for Destiny 2’s single player would be the promise of getting to explore Lost Sectors, various unmarked spots on the worldmap that players could go inside to get cool loot and have small adventures of their own. A recently-posted walkthrough goes through the process for accessing them.

Lost Sectors can apparently be found in the wider world via a specific symbol, two arches going over a small dog. However, you won’t be finding them the easy way, via a map. You’ll have to look out for that symbol, and find your own way inside. You’ll know when you’ve entered a Lost Sector by a notification on your HUD.

In order to access the loot that you’ll get when you explore Lost Sectors, you’ll have to clear out the various enemies that are inside. It’s similar to a few of the various Exotic questlines from the original Destiny, which led you into unmarked areas of the map where you had to fight your way through enemies to get to the goal.

Once you’ve cleared out all of the enemies inside of a Lost Sector, you’ll receive something called a Cache Code. Cache Codes are similar to the various keys you could pick up throughout the original Destiny, which helped you open special chests. You do the same here, and the chest will give you gear in exchange.

Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 aren’t going to be procedurally generated, but there are going to be a number of them scattered throughout the game. The ability to explore Lost Sectors, along with going on small adventures in addition to strikes, raids, and the major story missions, will help to increase the amount of single-player content that the original Destiny had lacked.

Destiny 2 will be coming out on September 6, this Wednesday for the Xbox One and Playstation 4, so be on the lookout for Lost Sectors when you go out into the game’s world.