Crystal Dynamics Job Listing May Be Hinting At An Avengers Game

A recently posted Crystal Dynamics job listing may point towards the studio starting to develop a game based on Marvel’s Avengers, though until such a game is actually announced we have no idea what it actually is. However, considering the game is called “Project Avengers”, what else could it be?

There have been a number of games based on Marvel superheroes since the Marvel Cinematic Universe took off with the release of the first Iron Man movie. While most of these games have been either average or have fallen into the cursed valley of garbage that most licensed video games go into, hopefully Crystal Dynamics will be able to make something different.

Previously, the Marvel universe has been the subject of a number of crossover games before, in the form of the Ultimate Alliance games that saw various Marvel heroes coming together to battle a specific threat. If the Crystal Dynamics job listing for Project Avengers is true, we might see something similar to that sort of gameplay.

While the Ultimate Alliance games were developed by Raven Software, there’s no reason that Crystal Dynamics can’t ape the style for their own game. However, there’s still the possibility that Project Avengers ends up being a licensed game after all.

The next Avengers movie, Infinity War, will be coming in 2019, after all. While it’s not quite the sort of gap that normally comes with a licensed game, it will still run the risk of getting rushed out to tie in with the movie, which will in turn negatively impact the game’s quality.

Either way, the Crystal Dynamics job listing stands. Whether or not Project Avengers (if it’s even hinting at an Avengers game) will be a good game remains to be seen, and hopefully it will turn out to be one, whenever it releases.