Blizzard Takes Notice of Overpowering Druid Meta in Hearthstone, Teases Nerfs

Knights of the Frozen Throne was supposed to bring balance between the different playable classes of Hearthstone. However, some of the new cards only worked to push Druid to the top of the deck.

The class in question has been dominating the meta since the new expansion pack was released last month. It has come to a point when majority of the competitive players are relying solely on Druid for victory. In fact, the most recent playoffs for the Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT) featured only Druids in entirety.

On the weekend, both game designer Dean Ayala and game director Ben Brode confirmed that Blizzard is listening to feedback and keeping a close eye on the meta. Certain changes are in the works that will be announced later this week. They are targeted at the Druid class and should dial back on some of its overwhelming power levels.

It is not only just about tournament settings. Following the new expansion pack, the ranked ladder of Hearthstone has also been filled to the brim with Druids. Cards like Spreading Plague and Ultimate Infestation are expected to be nerfed by the developer. The latter is actually being played earlier than it should be, thanks to ramping cards like Wild Growth and Innervate.

Knights of the Frozen Throne explores an alternate lore where the Lich King managed to defeat the heroes of Warcraft at Icecrown Citadel and raised them as Death Knights to do his bidding. In that light, every playable class in the game can be replaced with a Death Knight version by playing the respective legendary hero card. These come with high mana costs but grant armor in return, as well as modified abilities and new hero powers. You can preview all the nine legendary hero cards here.