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Ballistics Update Confirmed for PUBG, Will Fix Bulletproof Water and Feature Better Weapon Physics

Bluehole Studio wants to ensure the community that the incredible success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has not gone to its head.

Responding to a recent thread on Reddit, the developer shut down allegations of becoming complacent since it decided to cease weekly updates for the game. A number of issues, most of which have been reported by players in the past, are being worked on at the moment. It offered a short list of “things in progress” that are slated to arrive later this year but are currently without any concrete release dates.

The developer is currently working on a ballistics update for weapons in PUBG. This will not only introduce better physics to improve the travel time and drop of bullets, but also address penetration values into different textures. The matter of the seemingly bulletproof water will finally be tackled once the ballistics’changes arrive.

In addition, grenades are being overhauled in PUBG for “more responsiveness” and accurate landings. The improved system will also take into account the motion of the player to determine how far a grenade can be lobbed.

The crouch-jump bug, which allows players to crouch and jump at the same time to move through windows that they should not be able to, is being removed. This change will arrive alongside the long-awaited vaulting and climbing system.

Elsewhere, the community can expect optimizations for performance enhancements and improvements to the user interface for better access.

Bluehole Studio made it clear that it has a lot on its plate right now. The aforementioned changes are only a few of what it can reveal right now. Players should not worry about the development team taking it easy because it is working around the clock to pave way for the official launch later this year.

PUBG has remained in early access for over five months now.