Amiibos for Super Mario Odyssey Also Come With A Map Of Its World

Super Mario Odyssey, Mario’s next adventure is expecting its launch next month and with it come a series of Amiibo figures to match it. The game will follow Mario on a journey around the world with many different kingdoms to explore in his new ship, the Odyssey.

The new Amiibos revealed for Super Mario Odyssey, three for now, featuring Bowser, Mario and Peach on wedding outfits will be available the same day the game releases on 27 October. They will be sold individually or as a three-pack. Seeing the main characters dressed in white is a breath of fresh air to the franchise. Why Wedding outfits though? That’s something that we must wait to find out.

Apart from their amazing art, the new Amiibos contain a map of Super Mario Odyssey kingdoms revealing 3 of them Lake Kingdom, Snow Kingdom and Mushroom Kingdom. The only thing will know is their names written on the map, since we can’t see any details.

Mushroom Kingdom is one of the most popular locations of the game so the fans must be pretty excited to get back and explore it some more.

Let’s not forget that last week Nintendo revealed theĀ Luncheon Kingdom,a brand new world based on food. This map is inspired by the Italian and Europian food culture in general and has bright colors and some funny food sceneries that will absolutely catch your eye.

What we love the most about Super Mario Odyssey is the fact that even though it will be an exclusive title for Nintendo Switch it will deliver a stellar 60FPS experience to the fans, making it the most realistic and fast paced Super Mario videogame until now.

Super Mario Odyssey and it’s Amiibos will be available exclusively on Nintendo Switch and will have their official release on October 27.