AMD Ryzen, Threadripper, Vega – A Foundation Laid For The Industry

Last day at PAXWest AMD showcased its AMD Ryzen, Threadripper and Vega products. A popular Youtuber ‘Joker Productions’ managed to get an interview from Don Woligroski, regarding AMDs present experiences and future plans. Including AMD Ryzen 2, multi-threaded game optimizations in CPU etc.

Don Woligroski is the Desktop CPU Marketing Manager at AMD. He explained in his interview that AMD Ryzen is the worst case scenario. Because it is a totally new architecture, a new chipset and it can still do 4 GHz with 12-16 threads. This is something they’re very proud of. It is only going to get better on from here.

AMD has raised the bar for high performance value per dollar and Don added to the belief saying that all organizations have their own mantras, but one of the best things about AMD is that we question ourselves that what can we give a particular segment, that no one else is providing.

To give the users something that’s a no brainer and they can greatly benefit from it, for the amount of money they invest. Something that will give them the best value, in all sorts of applications. He further added that they’re engineers are smart and they’re constantly working with game and app developers to improve the utilization of those extra threads.

Don believed that their engineers are smart and successfully diagnosing problems in performance bottlenecks due to unutilized cores of AMD Ryzen. They recently improved Rise of the Tomb Raider and Dota 2 with a patch upgrade from both games. The market looks great in 2018, they can’t specify anything right now but it only gets better from here.

According to him what AMD has achieved with its processors, graphics cards and FreeSync monitors are the foundation that’s going to benefit all users for content creation, business productivity and all range of gaming. Because developers will gradually start working with the extra processing power AMD has juiced in to their hardware.

This will benefit us all in the long run especially in terms of price and performance. Let us know what you think about AMDs future plans. Will AMD Ryzen and Vega become, the mainstream choice of gamers?

You can check the interview at this link.