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Absolver Windfall Combat Deck Build Guide – Best Decks Building Tips, Stats and Character Customization

Absolver builds guide will discuss the best builds, decks, and tips for the best possible performance in the game. The following Absolver Windfall build guide features important information regarding the Windfall deck building.

Deck building is where you experiment the most as a player while playing Absolver. And experimentation is what you need to do in order to learn and improve your game. But to make the learning process easier for you, we have a few tips and suggestions.

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Absolver Windfall Combat Deck Build Guide

In Absolver, Combat Deck are subjective and how you build them depends on your playstyle and what you are going for. The playstyle you choose is going to determine which starting moves you get. To get new moves, you will have to take down more NPCs as well as players from different schools.

The best moves are the ones that scale with your highest stats. If you are playing as a Windfall character it is best to go with moves that have a higher Dexterity, Strength, and Mobility. You also need to pay close attention to the icons alongside each attack. The icons will show you some of the special properties offered by these icons.

The one with arrows is for dodging and show which direction your body will move. For example, if your enemy is using high kicks and not many low kicks, you can use a string of low kicks in your combat build and avoid combo interruption.

If you are looking for a more balanced build it is best to have Kahlt Method and Forsaken moves to make sure combos don’t repeat any attacks.

Windfall Builds – Best Equipment

As important as combat decks are, equipment is equally as important for Windfall builds. But same as the decks, these are subjective as well. It is best to have as much defense as possible but without losing mobility.

But as is the case with most games like this, the best armors and heavy armors also slow you down the most. In Absolver, there are two types of damage – cut and blunt. Cut defense is used against swords and war gloves of certain types. Meanwhile, the blunt defense is useful when facing bare-handed opponents and certain types of war gloves.

For a balanced build as well as the damage build you should go with lighter armor to favor mobility. You will have natural padding since your vitality is higher with balanced Windfall builds. For damage builds, damage scaling is the most important so it is best to keep your armor light. Use the Fang-Li set with your balanced builds. Try using the equipment with the weight of around 1.0 or less to maintain decent mobility.

But as far as tanks go, you will have more freedom when choosing which armor to go with. You are free to choose between medium and heavy sets but it is best not to use too heavy ones. Whichever one you choose, you just need to make sure your mobility is 15 or above.

This was our Absolver Windfall Combat Deck Build guide, for questions and suggestions, take to the comments below.