Playstation 4 Is Getting Playstation One Translucent Controllers

A special promotion will soon be underway for Playstation 4 owners, who will soon have the opportunity to buy Playstation One translucent controllers as part of a special promotion. Players will be able to get one variant of the controller at participating retailers like Best Buy and GameStop, or at Walmart.

The new controllers bring to mind the see-through variety of Playstation One controller that came for the original console around two decades ago, which had see-through casings. That variety of controller has from time to time made appearances not just for Playstation consoles, but Xbox Ones again.

All of the Playstation One translucent controllers will come in three different colors: Crystal, Blue Crystal, or Red Crystal. Each of these will be available at one of the retailers above. The regular Crystal variant is exclusive to GameStop, while the Red Crystal variant will be available at Best Buy and the Blue Crystal variant will be at Wal-Mart.

When Sony originally made the announcement, the phrasing made it seem like the new controllers would only be available in Europe. However, Sony recently announced that the new controllers would also be coming to the United States, so if you live in America or some country close to it you can likely get a controller over the internet.

There’s no indication from Sony yet about whether or not Australia will also get the Playstation One translucent controllers, but in the meantime you should be on the lookout for them, wherever you live.

All three models of these new controller variants will be releasing on October 17 in Europe, though so far there hasn’t been any indication of an American release date. While it could be on the same day, it could also be a few days or weeks after the European release. We’ll just have to be on the lookout to find out for sure.