Destiny 2 Exotic Armor, Weapons Leaked In A Massive Online Info Dump, Use Caution

If you’re one of those people that wants to be surprised with the large amount of different weapons that you’re going to be finding over the course of Destiny 2, then you should be careful of a recent online leak that revealed every Destiny 2 exotic piece of armor and weaponry in the game.

Exotics are the most powerful variant of Destiny 2 weapons, coming not only with a lot of killing power but also multiple special abilities. For instance, the Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher and its mini-rockets that would come after the initial explosion, or the Universal Remote shotgun with its longer range, or the Last Resort with its high firing speed.

Players that went into the Destiny 2 beta already got a look at three Destiny 2 exotic weapons: the minigun Sweet Business, the hand cannon Sunshot, and the Riskrunner submachine gun, a new weapon class that will be in the game. However, the leak that revealed the Destiny 2 exotics leaked all of them, not just weapons but armor too.

For the sake of spoilers we’re not going to show the leaked Destiny 2 exotic items, but considering the huge amount of weapons that are going to be in Destiny, the game that pioneered the term “Looter Shooter”, there’s bound to be a lot. However, what we can say is that there’s a rather significant absence from the list.

Gjallarhorn, the most sought-after rocket launcher in the original Destiny game, is not among the list of various exotics that are a part of the new listing. Considering it was one of the most powerful exotics in the original game it’s not surprising that they might want to remove it for the sake of balance, if they even did remove it.

If you don’t want to look at all of the spoilers, you only have five more days to wait until you can jump into Destiny 2 (on Xbox One and Playstation 4 at least). If you’re playing on the PC, you still have to wait another month until it comes out on the PC.