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Xbox One Factory Reset Bug Being Reported On Social Media, No Solution Yet

A recent bug that appears to cause an Xbox One factory reset is causing chaos among the Xbox One playerbase, who are having to set up their gamer profiles again after the bug caused the console to completely wipe out their accounts. Currently, Microsoft doesn’t appear to have a solution.

Oddly enough, the bug only appears to be hitting players who are or have previously been part of the Xbox One Insider program, which allows those players to see software updates and other adjustments to the Xbox One before they come out for the wider player base. However, it would appear that these connections are part of the Xbox One factory reset problem.

The last time it happened, only players that were part of the Xbox One Insider program were affected by it, but it appears that it’s spread to people that have previously been a part of the program.

While the factory reset won’t cause you to lose all of your gamerscore and former data (which, considering all the hundreds or thousands of hours gamers have spent playing games on Xbox consoles, can be a boon), you will have to re-customize your console to how you had it before, including re-downloading all of your apps and all of the games that you had installed on it before the bug hit you.

Either way, hopefully the Xbox One factory reset bug will be noticed by Microsoft fairly quickly and they’ll be able to get rid of it. If it isn’t, then keep in mind everything that you have on your console so that you know what you’ll have to re-download if the bug hits your console.

So, if you’re part of the Xbox One Insider program or were previously part of it, keep an eye out for the bug, and maybe find some way to back up your console in the meantime.