Tekken Earns Two Guinness World Records For “Longest-Standing” Fighter and Story

The ionic Tekken franchise has cemented itself in the pages of history by earning two impressive Guinness World Records this week.

It has been recognized as the “longest-standing 3D fighting video game series” and for featuring the “longest-standing story” for any video game in existence. To break that down, the series is twenty-one years old and the story-line has lasted for twenty.

The franchise has seen multiple installments over the years, core to the series as well as spin-offs, across various platforms. The major entries, however, have always originally been arcade games and arrived for consoles later on.

Tekken made its debut in Japan back in December 1994. The most recent Tekken 7 installment launched last year for arcades and a couple of months back for home consoles. It witnessed a great reception, selling 1.66 million units worldwide as of last month. Bandai Namco hopes to sell 2.1 million units by the end of the year. The game is likely to crunch better numbers than that for the period.

Guinness World Records 2018 is now available for purchase in the west, and will hit shelves in Japan next week. It will include the two certifications for Tekken as well as several other amazing achievements for a number of video games.