New League of Legends Service Determines Quality of Your Internet Connection

League of Legends now has a more profound way for players to check up on the performance of their respective internet connections.

Rather than conducting different tests through multiple tools, Riot Games has introduced a single platform to answer any questions that you might have regarding connectivity.

It is called Lag Report and runs from a dedicated sub-domain of the official website of the game.

According to the developer, the service offers “visibility into the quality of different connections to League of Legends based on actual games played” in the last thirty days. It should not be confused with real-time connection or speed tests. Lag Report only displays the “big-picture view of things” to help players understand the status of their internet connections, how it can be improved, and what other better internet service providers are available in the locality.

“We’re aggregating data from millions League games to let you compare your connection to League against your ISP and other ISPs in your area,” reads an announcement on the official forums. “It’s completely different sort of tech application with a lot of potential we’re excited about, but we can’t build it without you guys.”

Lag Report is currently in beta and hopes to improve with gradual feedback and time. Those interested to give it a go need to log in using their League of Legends accounts to get their Personal Connection Score based on past games played. It is currently only available for EUW and EUNE.

Riot Games wants to ensure that players are playing League of Legends on the best possible internet connection available. The transparency will surely be appreciated by the community.

Speaking about quality of service, Riot Games has won another lawsuit against a major scripting platform used by millions. The game just got a bit more cleaner.