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New Evil Within 2 Gameplay Video Shows The Guardian, A New Monster

A new monster has been revealed in a new Evil Within 2 gameplay video, and she…or rather, it…seems to be taking the place of Laura, the screaming monster in the original game that would hound you at several points throughout the game. However, the Guardian might just be even freakier than Laura.

The gameplay video starts with protagonist Sebastian Castellanos finishing an elevator ride that carried him down into an ominous room filled with bodies hanging from the ceiling, which seems to shift around Sebastian repeatedly as he goes from one end to the other until finally he finds himself in front of a glass screen.

There, he meets the Guardian, who smashes through the glass and starts to chase him. What makes the Guardian that you see in the Evil Within 2 gameplay video so freaky is that not only is it horrifically proportioned (it’s apparently made up of several other bodies, with a ton of different arms and legs all wiggling as it chases you), it’s also armed with a massive buzz saw that it uses to slice through any obstacle.

And then, there’s the giggling. The Guardian constantly has a freaky smile on its face constantly, and it’s also giggling ceaselessly as it chases Sebastian down a number of hallways, and even up into the air vents, before finally getting injured with a knife and backing off long enough for Sebastian to escape.

And it’s likely that the Guardian won’t be the only monstrosity you fight in the world of Union when The Evil Within 2 comes out. The original game had a lot of other disgusting creatures born out of the mental world’s twisted psyche, so it’s only logical to assume that others will appear in the game as well.

To see the Evil Within 2 gameplay video featuring the Guardian, look further up the article. The Evil Within 2 will be releasing on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on October 13.