The Metal Gear Solid Movie Director Wants To Stay True To Kojima

Hideo Kojima may not be working for Konami anymore, or be a part of Metal Gear, but he’s become a permanent part of the Metal Gear Solid series. He’s such a big part, in fact, that the Metal Gear Solid movie director, Kong: Skull Island’s Jordan Vogt-Roberts, will stay true to Kojima’s vision.

Kong: Skull Island was a big critical and financial success this year, one of the few that have come up in the first part of the year as it’s beat out the likes of Alien: Covenant, The Great Wall, Resident Evil 6: The Final Chapter, Power Rangers, Ghost in the Shell, and more.

With the reputation of Kong: Skull Island behind him, Vogt-Roberts making a dedication to keep the Metal Gear Solid movie close to Kojima’s original vision may land him in trouble with Konami, but it will hopefully land him in the good graces of Metal Gear fans that are willing to give the movie a chance.

Metal Gear Solid games are essentially action movies already, so as long as Vogt-Roberts can cut out some of the cornier things (like some of the goofier lines like Otacon’s “It’s just like one of my Japanese animes!”) Then again, considering Vogt-Robert’s latest work, the Destiny 2 live-action trailer, he might be just as good for the series’s kind of wacky humor.

Whatever changes might be necessary for the Metal Gear Solid movie will likely be undertaken with great care, since in order to preserve the games’ original vision Vogt-Roberts will have to retain the action and mysticism of the games, along with their humor, while also making them more relatable to modern-day audiences.

There’s no telling when the Metal Gear Solid movie will actually be released, but at least the news about Vogt-Roberts means that it’s still being worked on. Hopefully, when it eventually comes out, it will be just as good as the games were.