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EloBuddy Scripting Service for League of Legends Taken Down in Court

EloBuddy, a major scripting service used by millions for unfair advantage in League of Legends, has been ordered by the court to cease its operations.

The infamous platform had been cashing in for years to provide uncouth players with third-party tools to do all kinds of things that are not generally allowed in the game. For example, there were scripts to automatically dodge incoming skill-shots as well as those that helped to land all skill-shots on enemy targets.

The official website of EloBuddy has been taken down since the passing of the verdict. It now hosts a single message from the founder, apologizing that it was unable to “prevail in the suit” and defend the right of its customers to play League of Legends as they choose.

Details regarding the lawsuit are sketchy at this point and it is unknown if there was a cash settlement involved. The court usually slams the guilty party in such cases with a significant amount to be paid for damages done to the other. We will know more once Riot Games makes a statement for the public.

The community has been reporting suspected script-users to Riot Games for an incredibly long time. It is important to note that EloBuddy is not the only script-maker in the business. It is though one of the largest and hence, what makes this lawsuit such a major victory for League of Legends.

This is not the first time that the legal team of Riot Games has taken someone to the cleaners to protect League of Legends. Earlier this year, the developer took down another popular script-maker in a $10 million settlement. Following that, Riot Games filed a lawsuit against another popular service for selling stolen accounts.