Destiny 2 Live Action Trailer is Something You Shouldn’t Miss

Destiny 2 is less than a week away from releasing on consoles and there’s not much to discuss until then. To keep the hype alive, bungie released today a Destiny 2 live action trailer featuring the 3 basic classes Titan, Hunter and Warlock.

What we see in the trailer is Cayde-6 voiced by Nathan Fillion, who was also featured on the PC open Beta of the game, giving some exposition on where Destiny 2 begins and how important Guardians are, just before everything turn into a massive action scene like a true sci-fi action movie. The Destiny 2 live action trailer was a breath of fresh air for the fans as it delivered both a bit of reality and a bit of sci-fi geek fantasy.

The Destiny 2 Live action trailer is the work of Jordan Vogt Robets, former director of Kong: Skull island who is currently working on bringing Metal Gear videogames to the big screen.

For marketing reason, the trailer will also be shown on TV tommorow, on September 2nd, during the Yniversity of Alabama versus Florida State University game. A move like this was expected given the quality of Destiny 2 live action trailer, which seems to be a well written and edited video to begin with.

Destiny 2’s pre-load on Playstation 4 is already live on North America servers and it’s a 32GB download for digital purchases. For Europe the pre-load will be available tommorow and will unlock on September 5th 9pm PT. You can also head to the PSN Store and watch the Destiny 2 trailer to obtain a dunamic theme of the game. This quest will be available till September 30 or until the codes run out.

The PC version of Destiny 2 will be releasing on October 24th, with it’s official open Beta going even better than expected. The PC version seems to be fully optimised and delivers a smooth experience, just as PC gamers would desire from their “beast” hardware. Even if your hardware is not that optimal for high-end gaming though, Destiny 2 will probably work just fine with it’s performance being above average in all ocassions.