Absolver Marked Ones Locations Guide

To gain access to the Tower of Adal, there are six marked ones scattered throughout the world which you must defeat. Access the Tower of Adal and then you can defeat Risryn, the final boss. This Absolver Marked Ones Locations Guide gives you the location of all of them so you do not have to waste your time wandering the buildings, shores and passages of the world to find where they are.

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Absolver Marked Ones Locations

First Marked One – Revario

Head over to the Hunting Path and follow the trail down from the activate-able Altar. There is a guy sitting beneath a tree who will approach if you get too close to him. You unlock Earthquake when you defeat him.

Second Marked One – Angrel

Angrel is in the Forgotten Temple. Head to the right side of the temple to get inside, Angrel is standing in the open area. Defeating him unlocks the Shield Power.

Third Marked One – Ama Saba

He is located in a barn towards the back of Bird Caller’s outpost. There is an easy way to defeat him by just pushing him off the cliff. Beat him and you get the Exhaust Power.

Fourth Marked One – Lamren

He is waiting for you in a tiny area near the Central Harbor. If you kill him you unlock the Shockwave Power.

Fifth Marked One – Ristael

Head over to the Coliseum. Enter it and head left towards the light that engages the Kuretz boss fight. After this climb up using the ramps towards a room overlooking the Coliseum where Ristael is waiting for you. You get Gravity after you beat this marked one.

Sixth Marked One – Dormek

This is the last marked one. He is outside of the Tower of Adal since you cannot enter the tower without defeating all of the marked ones. Enter the area and locate its altar – opposite the statue – lower the nearby door and then head right where Dormek will be waiting near some stairs. Beat him to earn the Silence Power!

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