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Absolver Kuretz Boss Guide – How to Defeat, Combat Tips, Access Tower of Adal

In this Absolver Kuretz Boss Guide, we will tell you how to defeat the boss Kuretz in Absolver. We have some tips and tricks on how to defeat this boss and we also tell you how you can get to the Tower of Adal where the final boss is located in our Absolver Kuretz Boss Guide. Using these tips, you will find and beat the boss in no time.

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Absolver Kuretz Boss Guide

Absolver Kuretz Boss Guide details everything that you need to know in order to defeat the boss Kuretz in Absolver.

Absolver Kuretz Boss

Kuretz Boss Location

Kuretz is located in Raslan Coliseum, which is located in Central Harbor. To get there, head outside through the door located on the left side of the altar or Headstone. Keep going ahead until you reach Central Harbor. When you are in Central Harbor, you will two options.

One is you go straight to Kuretz but if you want to grab another ability before tackling the boss, then you can head to the left and down the corridor to find and fight Lamren who is a Marked One.

Marked ones are smaller than bosses are but they pack quite a punch. Lamren is the fourth Marked One. Defeat him and he will drop the ability Shockwave. Grab it and head back. Once you are back at the junction, this time head straight in the middle hallway.

When you reach a building up ahead, head right and down the hallway. Ignore the stairs going up. Keep going until you reach a broken wall with a big hole in it. Enter the hole and you will enter Raslan Coliseum. Get ready to fight your first boss, Kuretz.

Defeating Kuretz

Kuretz uses Kahlt so he can absorb your attacks. Keep this in mind when fighting him. He is also a good fighter and he can land some really good combos on you. Your best bet against him is that he is not prone to blocking attacks. You can use this to your advantage and gradually reduce his health.

As his health drops to the middle of the bar, he will call out some mind-controlled minions. These minions are nothing more than annoyance during the boss fight. Keep your eyes on them as well, try to avoid them when confronting Kuretz otherwise make swift work on them. Each minion you kill will give you health so keep them for the hard times. At one time, focus on two or three minions to keep things in your favor.

Take your time with Kuretz because if you start spamming attacks, he will start absorbing them. Circle around him and when he attacks, use that moment for some quick combos. Avoid taking damage from his combos, if you are hit, use the minions for some quick health. When you finally defeat the boss, you will unlock access to the Tower of Adal where you can tackle the final boss of the game.


If you want another quick ability, in the coliseum, look to the left of the boss tear. Go inside and then up the stairs. Turn left at the top and climb the wooden ramp. At the top of this tower, you will find Risteal. Defeat him and you will earn Gravity bonus ability.

This concludes our Absolver Kuretz Boss Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!