Wild West Online Closed Alpha To Begin In September

There is no exact release date announced for the upcoming Wild West Online but, the developers have revealed when Wild West Online Closed Alpha will begin. 612 Games have announced that Wild West Online Closed Alpha will start on September 15, 2017.

Furthermore, during the entire run-up to the Wild West Online Closed Alpha, players will also be able to purchase the game at a significant discount. According to CEO at 612 Games, Stephan Bugaj, the studio is thrilled to give PC players access to Wild West Online.

It’s been a whirlwind since we revealed Wild West Online and everyday our fans are asking when they can jump into the game. We’re thrilled to soon give PC gamers an initial taste of the western game that both they and ourselves have been waiting for.

Wild West Online closed alpha will give players access to parts of the “massive” map, some PvE missions, PvP combat, and more. Furthermore, the game has three editions available that will give you access to the alpha. In addition to access to the closed alpha, players will also get in-game bonus content. Check out full details by following this link.

The game also features some of the deepest gameplay mechanics and one of them is the proper bullet ballistics which the developer itself compared it to Battlefield 1’s bullet ballistics systems. According to 612 Games, the upcoming game weapon mechanics are going to be similar to Battlefield 1’s.

All weapons have proper bullets ballistics, so it actually takes some time for the bullet to reach the target, so you have to plan for the bullet flight time as well as drop. Wind or weather will not alter bullet flight though. Think that we are more like Battlefield 1, and not like CSGO/COD.

Wild West Online is in development at 612 Games for PC and no console versions have been planned for now.