Titan Xp 8K Benchmarks Show Poor Performance

Some benchmarks were recently posted that tested a Titan XP 8K, Titan X, AMD Radeon Vega 64 and GTX 1080 Ti. A number of games were tested and the results were not really surprising.

Modern day GPUs are optimized for 4K gaming, especially the top tier ones. If you look at various benchmarks available on the internet. You’ll realize that top end cards card easily pull off 1080p gaming with 150+ frames on ultra settings. Where as if that 1080p resolution is multiplied 8 times (4K), the performance drops to 60 and below.

Titan XP 8K benchmarks proved nothing different. In fact, the results were shocking. The cards clearly aren’t optimized for 8K output. The 8K output means 16 times the pixel processing of a 1080p display. That’s a lot of memory bandwidth required, a lot of pixels as high as 33.17 million pixels processed per second.

The games tested on were Shadow Of Mordor, Rise Of The Tomb Raider, Metro Last Light and Far Cry Primal. Titan XP 8K benchmarks proved the lowest performing on Metro: LL, highest in SoM, same FPS in FC Primal, and highest in RotR. While best value for money was the 1080 Ti.

Comparing a $1200 with a $700 card where the specs are nearly the same and performance is nearly the same as well, the extra $500 payable isn’t justified. Having said that all the games were performing in between 10-20 frames per second with the exception of Shadow of Mordor where Titan XP 8K benchmarks proved the highest 26.6 Frames per second.

Well In my opinion if anyone wants to game on an 8K resolution, he or she should be able to dish out cash for multiple GPUs. Also Keeping in mind that multiple cards don’t equally multiple performances. Do let us know what you think about the Titan XP 8K benchmarks and 8K gaming.

Thanks, TweakTown