The Division Free Update 1.8 is Bringing New Content This Fall

The biggest update so far for The Division is scheduled to be released this fall and with it a lot of hype builds up again. After the end of the game’s series of expansions, it’s enrichment does not stop with a lot of new content to be released and new areas to explore.

The Division’s new free 1.8 update will be offering it’s players 2 new modes, the Resistance for PVE and Scirmish for PVP. Also it will feature a new area called West Side Pier, which is spread in two zones accessible for all players. In addition the Camp Clinton will be added, which is a new social hub for players to gather and meet up.

In Resistance you will team up in groups of 4, taking on enemies from all factions. As the trailer for The Resistance indicates, your enemies have teamed up making you their common target so the war in the game is far from done. Apart from that, new open world content will be added giving a fresh taste to The Division gameplay.

For those more interested in PVP battle, Skirmish will be the ultimate test. Grouped in 2 teams of four players, you will be fighting for kills until the time runs out. As a result you earn points and the team with the most points win the game. Kind of what we would expect from a classic deathmatch, with a bit of a twist.

Last but not least, on this free update we will see a new gear system in which you will be able to improve the stats of your gear, something that a lot of people wanted to be added since it’s not that tricky to get end game gear in The Division.

The Division is already available on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. You can tune in to The Division’s Twitch Channel on August 31st at 8AM PDT for a first look at the 1.8 free update of the game.