“Strike Team” Formed to Handle Pressing Issues for New League of Legends Client

The legacy client of League of Legends was retired in all regions just a few months back, following extensive testing by the large global community. However, the new client getting an official tag does not mean that Riot Games is done with work. It has periodically been introducing new features, such as the new Honor system, but there is still more to be done.

Posting on the official forums, the developer announced the formation of a “League Client Strike Team” that will be tackling some of the biggest issues currently impacting players.

The idea is to allocate dedicated resources to help speed up the process. The core development team at Riot Games will not have to jump between schedules to work on new features and also address issues brought up by players. The newly formed group will help that by prioritizing what needs to be done.

“The hope is that we make a significant and positive impact on the way that many of you feel about the new client,” reads the announcement. “Issues we don’t take on ourselves can still get some love, they’ll just be handled by teams other than the Strike Team.”

There are still many who are not too keen to see the legacy client go. Granted that it had its fair share of problems, players are finding it hard to accept the new user interface as well as several missing features that are yet to arrive. These range from major ones like being able to spectate high-ranked matches to minor ones relating to navigation or ease of use.

The fate of the Strike Team depends upon its success. Should it be unable to achieve the set goal for the League of Legends community, termination will be likely in the near future.