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Street Fighter II: 30th Anniversary Edition SNES Cartridge Glows in the Dark

Today is a momentous day for the fighting game community. It was exactly thirty years ago when Street Fighter was first released in the arcades. The iconic franchise has since then received a long list of installments, spread across multiple platforms.

Capcom is celebrating the three-decade anniversary of Street Fighter in a number of ways. One of them sees the company partnering with iam8bit to release a nostalgia-fueled special edition cartridge of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior.

It is not just for show either, and is fully functional for any working Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) lying around. The very limited cartridge comes in two color variants: vintage red and acid green that glows in the dark. There will only be 4,500 units available for the former and 1,000 for the latter.

Those interested can place an order from the official website and be prepared to spend $100. Each cartridge will be packed in a tri-fold box and include a “premium instruction booklet” as well as “retro pack-in surprises.” According to the description, shipping will commence from late November once all orders have been finalized.

Elsewhere, Street Fighter V received a special update this week to introduce new outfits for M. Bison, Guile, Ibuki, and Karin. In addition, Menat was announced as the fifth new playable character in the ongoing second season of the game.

Do not forget to log into Street Fighter V today in order to get free Fight Money (FM) from the developer as a token of appreciation for sticking with the franchise all these years.