Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Characters Guide – All Character Tips, How to Play, Character Abilities, Recommended Characters

In this Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Characters Guide, we will explain to you all the characters that you use n Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. We have some tips and tricks for every character and we have explained their abilities and techniques in this Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Characters Guide. With the help of this Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Characters Guide, you will be using every hero to their full potential.

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Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Characters Guide

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Characters Guide details everything that you need to know about the heroes in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Characters


Mario is the leader of the pack and he is good at middle range and short range. His weapons of choice are blaster and melee hammer. Blaster is good for middle range combat while when you want to get up close and personal, use your melee hammer and crush your enemies. The hammer is so deadly that when you swing it, it will hit anything in its path including friendlies.

Mario has ability Hero Sight that automatically aims at the enemy and fires when the enemies come in front of Mario. In addition, Mario can boost the attack damage of all allies with his M-Power ability. Both his abilities are good and totally worth investing in.

When talking about upgrades, you might want to invest in movement abilities first to make him more versatile. Focus on range and stomp attack. Both will come in handy.


Luigi can really help kill far off hidden enemies with his sniper. His weapon has the longest range than all other heroes. His abilities Team Jumps and Itchy feat are great movement abilities and help him reach places no other can reach so he can dish out some damage from high places.

Team Jumps gives him the ability to jump twice in a single move while Itchy Feat is a team ability. It increases the movement distance of all the allies in its radius. The only downside of Luigi is its small health pool, which is bad if you are involved in close quarters. Stick to long range and use Steely Stare, which will kill the enemies instantly when they come in sight. When he gets an open shot, he can kill any enemy in a single move.

Princess Peach

Princess Peach has some good offence and defense. Her Boomshot is effective at taking care of enemies while her team jump can heal allies where she lands. Her abilities are focused on healing allies so she mostly plays a support role during the game.

She can use The Protection Aura ability to reduce damage done to allies by taking some of it herself. If you learn Cleansing Jump, it will also remover Super Effects. Her abilities can combine with a number of ally powers to be even more effective against enemies.


Yoshi is the strongest of all heroes. He has RumbleBang for his reaction ability Egg Eater while he also has a rocket. His ability Super Chance is awesome because it guarantees that Super Effects are activated for weapons held by all allies around him. For crowd control, Yoshi has Ground Pound ability. Get in between enemies and use this ability to deal damage to everyone around you. Use this ability with others such as Team Jump or Boom Dash to make this devastating.

Rabbid Mario

If you love close combat then Rabbid Mario is your hero of choice. He does extreme damage at close combat with his Boomshot shotgun. It can also penetrate cover and kill enemies behind it. Great for crowd control at low distance encounters. His melee weapon is the same hammer, which Mario has, so it is great for area damage too.

His abilities include Body Guard Shield and Magnet Dance. Body Guard shield can absorb movement attack damage while Magnet Dance draws enemies out of cover for you other allies to kill. Also invest in his upgraded movement attack ability after which you can slide tackle enemies while blowing them. This is good for crowd control too.

Rabbid Luigi

Rabbid Luigi is a saboteur and excels at disrupting the abilities of your enemies. His weapons is Bworb and can inflict Super Effects more than any other weapon. His secondary weapon is a Rocket Launcher. It can easily take care of enemies behind the cover by destroying the cover and the enemies with it.

His ability Vamp is very effective and gives your allies a chance of getting some health too. When you activate Vamp, you will slide tackle multiple enemies and dish out Vamp status effect. When you hit these enemies or your allies, all of you get a health boost. Anyone who gets a hit on such enemy gets bonus health.

His weaken ability makes enemy attacks less damaging and lowers the damage inflicted by them. Use Weaken against enemies that deal great amount of damage to reduce it such as Smashers or Bucklers.

Rabbid Peach

Rabbid Peach is your healer. She is very important for all escort missions. Her great firepower and healing abilities while taking a lot of damage makes her a great asset to your team. Her abilities include a shield and a healing field.

Shield can protect her while she devastates enemies and heal other teammates. When she deploys her healing field, any ally inside will be healed to full health. Her sentry is good enemies hiding behind cover and if they get too close, the sentry will explode dealing everyone damage around it. Once sentry is deployed, Rabbid Mario and Rabbid Yoshi can lure enemies in its path using their Magnet dance abilities.

Rabbid Yoshi

After Yoshi, Rabbid Yoshi is second strongest fighter in the game. He has RumbleBang weapon, which does varied damage with each hit but the damage done is still high. His shell can absorb one or two attacks completely if you upgrade it.

Rabbid Yoshi is good option if you want to play defensive. Scaredy Yoshi is an ability, which repels all enemies away from Rabbid Yoshi. His other ability Triple Dash allows tackling of three enemies, dealing damage and setting them up for a following attack using RumbleBang or Grenaduck.

This concludes our Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Characters Guide. If you have anything to add to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!