Take A Look At Final Fantasy XV 4K Gameplay In This New Video

With Final Fantasy XV coming to PC in spring 2018, PC gamers are excited about the game and now Square Enix has rolled out a new video showcasing Final Fantasy XV 4K Gameplay. The gameplay video gives us a first proper look at Final Fantasy XV’s PC gameplay.

In this Final Fantasy XV 4K Gameplay, we see a small section of the game showcasing Noctis and his companions taking out monsters. Compared to the console versions that game looks much more vibrant and lush and if you look closely the game also showcases Nvidia Gameworks in action.

Also, Square Enix will be bringing features to the PC version for which the PC community is known for like mods. Game director has confirmed that Final Fantasy XV’s PC version will get mod support.

He added that while they can’t share anything about it but, more details about Final Fantasy XV mod support will be revealed later this year.

Also, game director has noted that a direct sequel to Final Fantasy XV is unlikely and will focus on the expansions for the game. Hajime Tabata has also revealed that he would to he would like to develop a Final Fantasy XV expansion starring Lunafreya.

He added that he has a desire to showcase Lunafreya as a strong character. He noted that currently, the focus is to get ‘Episode Ignis’ out.

I really do have that desire to depict Luna as an even stronger female personality. Obviously the first mission is to get ‘Episode Ignis’ out. Then when we decided what we do with 15 after, is to decide that together with the fans and community and opinions, just like you gave.

Final Fantasy XV is an open-world action adventure title developed by Square Enix for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and will come to PC in early 2018.