Destiny 2 Aim Assist On PC Will Activate When You Have A Controller Connected

People have often said that shooters are better on PCs because of the precision that you can use with a mouse, and it seems like the Destiny 2 aim assist on PC agrees with that. If you plug a controller to use in the Destiny 2 PC version, aim assist will kick in.

Considering that the Destiny 2 beta started up recently on the PC, it’s only logical that someone would find this out if they plug a controller into their computer to play the game better. However, if aim assist is actually implemented in something like the Crucible, there may be a problem.

The Destiny 2 aim assist on PC actually gives you a lot of aim assist, so much that someone who played the PC version said that all they had to do was point in the general direction of someone and shoot in order to score a kill.

With this sort of crutch being given to controller players, it may upset the balance of the Crucible and other player vs player activities, even if it makes the Player vs Environment angle better.

However, even if this were decreased in the final version, there’s always the possibility of controller spoofers or emulators taking advantage of that aim assist even if you’re only playing with a mouse and keyboard, meaning that players who want to cheat could do so fairly easily.

The possibility of more intense cheating was one of the concerns for the PC version of the game, however, with the game being hosted by Blizzard, hopefully they’ll be just as dedicated to fairness in multiplayer in Destiny 2 as they were in Overwatch.

Either way, whether you want the Destiny 2 aim assist on PC or not, you can always just go into the options and turn it off…and be on the lookout for cheaters. Either way, the Destiny 2 PC version will be coming out on October 24, while the Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions come out September 6.