Akira Yamaoka: I Would “Love” To See And Work On The Revival Of Silent Hill Franchise

The future of the Silent Hill franchise is unknown as Konami has not shared any plans to revive the Silent Hill franchise after the ill fated Silent Hill title that was in development under Hideo Kojima. However, series composer and former member of Team Silent, Akira Yamaoka, is hopeful for the franchise and would love to see the series being revived.

Speaking with PCGamer at Gamescom 2017, Akira Yamaoka said that he is hopeful for the revival of the Silent Hill franchise and is open to reunite with Team Silent and work on another entry in the franchise.

I can’t really say if there will be another Silent Hill or not. First of all, I’m happy that fans of the series around the world are still asking us questions about it. Personally, of course, I’d love this to happen, but I obviously couldn’t say for sure [either way].

When asked about that if he would love to reunite with Team Silent to work on a new Silent Hill game he responded that he is not against it but, is unsure if the others feel the same about the Silent Hill franchise or not since game tech and industry has changed a lot.

I’m not against it. But it’s hard to say because everyone has evolved, and maybe the mindset has changed as well. Also the technology and the games industry as a whole has changed as well. Even if we got back together I’m not even sure we could do something great so it’s very hard to say at the moment.

While the Silent Hill from Hideo Kojima has been canceled but it was not only praised by players but also by other devs. According to Layers Of Fear dev, Silent Hills/P.T could have been groundbreaking.

Do you think Konami should get Akira Yamaoka to work on another Silent Hill entry? What would you like to see in the new title? Let us know in the comments.

Source: PCGamer