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September Playstation Plus Games Revealed: Child Of Light, Infamous: Second Sun

A Playstation Store leak may have just revealed the September Playstation Plus games that are going to be coming next month. They’re actually fairly good games too: One of them is InFamous: Second Son, the sequel to Infamous 2 from back in 2011. The other is Child of Light, a beautifully drawn, if short, RPG.

The source of the leak comes from a leaked screenshot from Facebook that showed off Child of Light and Infamous: Second Son as its Playstation Plus games. However, the screenshot doesn’t show what other games there would be, so players will have to wait until the rest of the games are available to download.

Normally games that are part of the Playstation Plus program aren’t really the best, but with Child of Light and InFamous: Second Son being part of the new ones, there’ll hopefully be even more good ones that will be coming soon. Since there are often five or six games that are free during each period, we can also expect games for the Playstation 3 and the Playstation Vita to pop up.

So far, however, we only know the Playstation 4 entries in the September Playstation Plus games, though Child of Light is available for a large number of different platforms, both current-gen and last-gen. Whatever other games will also be coming may be similar, though we might be able to expect the Playstation One version of Secret of Mana for the Playstation Vita, considering that a remake of that game has been revealed.

So, if you want to either go on an open-world super-powered romp in InFamous: Second Son, or simply live out a child’s fairy tale in Child of Light, then be on the lookout for those two September Playstation Plus games when they become available. We’ll be seeing the other games when they’re announced at the end of this month, possibly tomorrow.