Rainbow Six Siege Removes Temporal Filtering, Players Left With Blurry Visuals

Several undocumented changes have been discovered by players on the Technical Test Server (TTS) of Rainbow Six Siege. Most of these appear to be minor; such as a different animation for electric shocks, new sounds for drones when in third-person, glowing charms, and blackened textures for accessories. However, there is one specific change that has the community extremely worried.

The option of Temporal Filtering has been removed from the visual settings of Rainbow Six Siege, resulting in both an advantage and a somewhat disadvantage. On one hand, players get a significant boost to their frame-rates. On the other, the resulting graphics are quite blurry than before.

There was naturally an outcry from the community. Some have stated that Rainbow Six Siege is a bit unplayable in certain areas due to the lower quality of visuals. It caused the developer to come out with an explanation of why it has chosen to remove Temporal Filtering from the game.

We have decided to move away from our current 2-pass CheckerBoard Temporal Filtering technique and use a single-pass Temporal Upscaler Anti-Aliasing technique. We are reflecting that change in the Anti-Aliasing menu by removing the PostEffect AA menu option and merging everything in the AA option.

The reason behind the change was to support separating the rendering resolution from the display resolution through a Render Scaling option, which will be coming in the future and this is the first step for it. There will be no impact on quality or performance with this change.

Operation Blood Orchid is scheduled to release for Rainbow Six Siege next week on September 4 across all three platforms. The official patch notes were published yesterday and can be browsed here. In addition, the following post on Reddit includes all of the undocumented changes that may go live with the new expansion pack next week unless the developer is convinced otherwise.